18 Wheeler Accident

Texas Truck Accident Claims

The Texas Trucking industry is a multi-million dollar industry that is essential to our economy. Unfortunately, with hundreds of thousands of large commercial trucks driving on our roads and highways comes the potential of catastrophic damages. Many Trucking Companies to save money use untrained, overworked, or inexperienced drivers and put stressful time constraints on these drivers causing the to rush to make deliveries.  These actions combined with poor maintenance can cause these drivers to drive negligently and lose control of their vehicles causing them to jackknife, overturn, or collide with passenger vehicles. When this happens it is typically the passengers of the smaller vehicle that suffer. If this has happened to you or your family, it is a good idea to obtain excellent legal representation to protect your or your loved one's rights and to make sure that an investigation as to the cause of the collision in done correctly.  Truck collision accident claims can be difficult to handle especially if you are recovering from serious injuries or grieving from the loss of one or more family members.

If you have been seriously injured by in a truck collision, car crash, motorcycle accident, or other automobile collision, it is important to seek medical help to determine how to treat the head trauma, back herniations, broken bones, or injuries you have suffered. It is then a good idea to contact the authorities and/or explore a possible law suit to make sure that the wrongful act or hazardous conditions can be remedied.  Texans do not need dangerous truck drivers or negligent trucking companies making our roads, streets, and highways more dangerous.  Large commercial trucks that weigh several tons are dangerous enough when driven safely and when they are well maintained.  Deregulation of the trucking industry in Texas has made the number of dangerous truck on our roads and trucking companies operating on our highways increase dramatically.  Be careful out there and avoid being the victim of a truck accident or a serious truck collision.
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